Counselling and Psychotherapy


Counselling and psychotherapy are recognised as very effective ways of managing difficulties, giving you the chance to explore your personal issues, starting with where you are in your life now.  A qualified counsellor/psychotherapist can facilitate you to re-evaluate the choices you make, identify the conflicts that are preventing you from realising your true potential and help you develop skills to enable you to cope better with your life’s challenges.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling provides an opportunity for you to talk about any challenges or difficulties you may be experiencing to an impartial, objective individual who does not offer advice (which our friends and family may do).  Psychotherapy offers a space to talk to a trained and qualified professional, who can help you to identify links between your current life situation and any early life experiences which continue to influence how you feel and behave in the present. However the terms counselling and psychotherapy are often used interchangeably.

How do counselling and psychotherapy work?

Psychotherapy works by giving you the time and freedom to examine the issues you wish to explore or need some help with, in a safe environment with some professional expertise devoted entirely to you.  A very important element of the healing process of psychotherapy is the relationship you develop with your therapist as it is within the safety of this professional relationship that you discover new insights and get the support to bring about the changes you want to make. Since the relationship is so important, it is important for you to feel comfortable with the person you choose to work with.

Is it confidential?

Yes, everything you tell the psychotherapist is confidential and secure. There are some legal exceptions to this which apply to all counsellors/psychotherapists – these will be discussed with you at the first session.

Are online counselling and psychotherapy available?

Yes, online sessions are available, on a secure, encrypted platform


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